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National week of action targeting knife crime!

#OPSCEPTRE | As part of a nationally run campaign, Operation Sceptre provides a snapshot of the valuable year-round work undertaken across Nottinghamshire by police, partners, and the local community, on tackling the issue of knife crime.

Throughout this week of action, we shine a light on a range of proactive policing and public engagement work being undertaken with a focus on educating people, especially young people, about the consequences of carrying a knife.


In 2019 an update was made to the Offensive Weapons Act and this makes it illegal to possess dangerous weapons in private, including knuckledusters, zombie knives, telescopic truncheons, and death star knives.

It is an offence to:

  • Possess a knife in a public place without good reason - unless it's a knife with a folding blade three inches long (7.62cm) or less, e.g., a Swiss Army knife
  • Possess a knife while on school, college, or further education premises
  • Use any knife in a threatening way
  • Hold or carry a knife for use by someone else
  • Buy or sell any type of prohibited knives
  • Sell a knife to anyone under the age of 18

                                                                       #Save a life, bin the knife


    During this week of action, knife amnesty bins will be situated inside stations across the county, shared services and other locations in:

    ·        Bulwell Police Station – Gilead Street, NG6 8NA

    ·        St Ann's Police Station – St Ann's Well Road, NG3 3HR

    ·        Broxtowe Police Station – Strelley Road, NG8 6LL

    ·        Beeston Police Station – Foster Avenue, NG9 1AB

    ·        Byron House – Maid Marian Way, Nottingham city centre, NG1 6HS

    ·        Retford – The Square, DN22 6DE

    ·        Worksop – Potter Street, S80 2AH

    ·        Kirkby – Urban Road, NG17 8DA

    ·        Ollerton Police Station – Forest Road, NG22 9QZ


    This is in addition to the permanent amnesty bins, which will remain open as well in:

    ·        Newark Police Station, Queen's Road, NG24 1LJ

    ·        Mansfield Police Station, Great Central Road, NG18 2HQ

    ·        Oxclose Lane Police Station, Bestwood, NG5 6FZ

    ·        Radford Road Police Station, Hyson Green, NG7 5GX

    Members of the public should check the opening times at the relevant police station near them before attempting to drop off any items.



    For more information about Op Sceptre, visit: Operation Sceptre: Nottinghamshire Police



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