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Dementia awareness

Nottinghamshire Police have partnered with Vicky McClure’s ‘Our Dementia Choir’ to raise awareness of dementia and to help keep your loved ones safe.

Did you know?
  • 1 in 3 people will be affected by dementia

  • More than 55 million people live with dementia globally

  • Every three seconds someone develops dementia

  • If you care for someone with dementia, planning ahead to keep them safe is really important.

    Do you know about the Herbert Protocol?

    The Herbert Protocol is a form that carers, family, or friends of a vulnerable person, or the person themselves can complete in advance, containing information to help the Police if a person with dementia goes missing. This will help the Police to quickly and safely locate the missing person.

    Completing the form in advance means that you don’t have to try and remember the information at the time the person goes missing when you are under stress, and it saves time so the Police can start the search sooner.

    The campaign will launch on Friday 19 January with a social media video introducing the joint partnership with Nottinghamshire Police and Vicky McClure’s Our Dementia Choir. Our aim is to raise awareness of the Herbert Protocol and how Nottinghamshire Police can help if a loved one with dementia goes missing. Across the community, we’ll be putting up approximately 250 posters promoting the partnership and the Herbert Protocol. Locations will include community centres, churches, parishes, libraries, doctors, and other relevant community locations.

    Together we will highlight the importance of the Herbert Protocol and how its impact can help those affected by dementia if they go missing.

    To learn more about the Herbert Protocol, please visit the People with dementia at risk of going missing (Herbert Protocol) page.

    To complete the Herbert Protocol form, please visit the Herbert Protocol form.


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