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Street aid box in Sherwood Nottingham

A fourth contactless payment point has been installed in Sherwood as part of a scheme to help people give money in a safe and reliable way to people sleeping rough or facing homelessness in Nottingham.

The Nottingham Street Aid initiative launched in February last year to give people a simple way of donating directly to those in need of support.

The new point has been installed as the number of people sleeping rough has increased by 21 per cent in the city over the last two years, rising from 604 people to 729.

The first contactless payment points were set up in the Victoria Centre and at the Theatre Royal on April 6, while a third was recently installed at McDonald’s in Clumber Street.

A fourth payment point has now been installed in Mansfield Road, Sherwood,  next to Nibbles earlier in August, becoming the first point to become operational outside the city centre.

Dr Paul Scotting, who has been coordinating the initiative, says around £600 per month is being raised through the payment points.

He said: “We hope the people at Sherwood will take this opportunity to donate £3 per tap to the fund, every penny of which will be spent on items to help someone who is homeless.

“We also provide QR codes for those who would like to donate more or would like to become regular donors.”

To donate, people approach the machine, tap their card, and a £3 donation will be made.

It will appear on bank statements as a payment to the Notts Community Foundation, which is one of the partners of the initiative.

The idea for the initiative was inspired by Cambridge Street Aid, Dr Scotting says, and a similar initiative has also been running in Leicester since 2019.

Money donated goes into a fund managed by the Notts Community Foundation, and charities can bid for access to some of the money which must be spent on items for a person who is homeless

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